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Admission updates: jamb caps as a system for admission 2019

All you need to know about jamb caps

What is jamb caps?
CAPS: Center admission processing system.
Jamb caps is a  system been employed by jamb for admission processing.
 Jamb caps was introduced in 2017 as a system for admission and since then it has been employed as a system for admission.
 Since the establishment of jamb caps it has been a wonderful system for admission and have made work easier for both aspirants,school and jamb body. This system allows you to investigate you admission process stage by stage.

Since it discovery students now benefits a lot due to the fact that they can now monitor their admission process.
 Every jamb candidate is been allocated with this system and it has been doing great,it gets to you the very moment you register for jamb.
 There are numerous stages in this admission system(caps). Which shows the progression of a candidate.

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Stages include:
Not admitted.
Admission in progress.

We are going to be discussing on the outlined processes listed above.

Not admitted. 

This is the starting point on the jamb admission system(caps). This stage is general that means it reflects on all aspirants caps.
 Significants: this not admitted signifies that the school has not considered you for admission,am not saying you should loose hope nor are my saying you won’t get admitted after this but what it actually means is that your school of choice have not recommended you for admission. Remember as stated above every aspirants must undergo this particular stage.

What to do: in this case once you are sure that you school has commenced it admission process(giving out admission). You have to be sure you are doing the right thing, mostly refusal to re-upload you O-level results might hinder your admission. You have to ensure you have done what is necessary.
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Admission in progress. 

This is the second stage in jamb. It means your school of choice has considered you for admission.
How it resulted to this: the system of admission
your school of choice select the number of students that are due for admission and forward it to jamb, during this process you jamb caps changes automatically to admission in progress this stage does not guarantee you for admission yet because both bodies I.e jamb and the institution have to admit you,but once jamb caps disapproved your admission the school have no right to admit you.

Reasons why jamb might reject you admission.

Jamb has the right to reject your admission if you didn’t comply with their policy or you failed to do what was required.

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Some reasons are outlined below.

  1. The student did not get the expected points
  2. The student has more that one jamb result.
  3. The student was evolved malpractice.
  4. The student did not upload his/jamb result
  5. Refusal to comply with any of their policy and many more.

This process brings a lot of joy as the aspirant hopes for a better result. After this process the candidate gets admitted or rejected.


This is the last stage and it shows that an aspirants has been admitted into his/her institution,this stage comes after ones details have been verified, jamb now on the other hand send back  list of aspirants that passed through the verification process successfully to the school.
 The school now also arranges them and upload it on their portal for aspirants to check this is know  as admission list .
All this process is repeated continuously in batches that why they have first, second and other batches.
 Use the comment section below to lay down any question bothering you or any comment on admission process and other related things.
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1 Comment

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