How To Calculate Abu Zaria UTME Aggregate

Ahmadu Bello University, among other University conducts post UTME exams as a criteria for admission.

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  • What are post utme aggregates all about.
  • How to calculate your utme aggregate.
  • Impacts on Admission.

What are post utme aggregates

this has been a popular question been ask each year by aspirants of different institution.

having written the composary Jamb utme exams along with the school of choice post utme exams.

It now calls for great concern, which of the exams are they going to use in issuing out admission?

How do I come to calculate all exams I have written?

But worry no more as on this article we have got all answers to you question.

So in a nutshell we can say that “UTME aggregates comprises of your performance in jamb in combination with your performance in the school post utme”.

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Nevertheless this article has been written to enlighten you on how to calculate this.

How to calculate Abu Zaria utme aggregate

Post UTME in Nigeria can be calculated in two different ways and this could be determined when it is totaled over 100 that in percentage.

OR when it is totaled over 400.

But luckily Abu Zaria post Utme is been totalled over 100, so that makes it easy.

Step by step way to calculate this

As disclosed above, Abu Zaria UTME is been totalled over 100. below are ways to calculate it.

  • Take you School UTME performance
  • multiply it by 4
  • I.e let assume you got 50 in post utme.
  • 50×4=200
  • Now add it with your jamb score
  • Let also assume you scored 200
  • 200+200=400
  • Finally divided by it by 2.
  • I.e 400/2=200.

Now this is your utme aggregate you can now check the school cut off to know your chances of admission.

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Impact on Admission

It is always important for all candidates to know their post utme aggregate as this will help in knowing you chances of admission.

Some students don’t get admission it year because of their inability to acknowledge the aggregate Cut off been set.

At this point, once you do not meet the requirements it is advisable to switch institutions quickly. Find list of institutions here.

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