Catchment Areas In FUTA

On this article we are going to review the updated catchment areas in FUTA.

Table of content

  • What are catchment areas.
  • List of updated catchment areas in FUTA.
  • Impacts on the outlined areas on admission.

What are catchment areas

As the word implies, we can say that catchment areas are areas or let me say a selected region been set aside for admission.

what has this to do with admission?

This is a popular question frequently asked by aspirants when they are been told this method in an institution.

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Well no more  a new thing that various institutions have a have their own catchment areas.

The federal university of technology akure catchment areas are selected states which are been favoured more or we can say certain privileges are been given to.

list of catchment areas(states) in FUTA

There are some state been selected by the institution and they enjoy certain privileges. Some of them are been listed below.

  • Lagos State
  • Ekiti State
  • Osun State
  • Oyo State
  • Ondo State
  • Ogun State

So if your states have been listed below you can now rejoice as you are on advantage.

Impact of catchment areas on admission:

This is the major place all aspirants are interested to read.

Candidates who reside in Those states which fell under the catchment areas are more favored than the others.

Some of the privileges enjoyed are outlined below:

  1. There cut off is been released a little.
  2. They are treated with care but not when the fail.
  3. They give them more slots.

What to do if you don’t belong to this category

Some candidates lose interest and possibly change institution,well fine but if you are observant and a serious type this actually means nothing because if you score higher it will have zero impact on you.

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Yes I did say they are give a little privilege,but the school can’t admit unqualified candidates in place of qualified candidates,so they limit them and give the certain points to reach.

So once your not an among any of the states listed,all you need do is to try as much as possible to smash you papers and with that your admission can’t be denied.

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